Browne 1435 (formerly N.10). Arabic Horarium.

Paper. 150 x 105mm. 151 fos. Collation: 1 flyleaf, 18 (wants 1), 28-138 (+ 1), 1410 (6 canc.), 158-198 (wants 7 and 8), 2 flyleaves. 18th-19th century. Has suffered from damp.

Rubricated. 19 lines to a page.

Blind tooled black goatskin binding. Black and white bookmark sewn into headband.

On the first flyleaf is written 'Bought by Geo. P. Badg[] at the Convent of Mar Hanna in the village of Shouère in Mt. Lebanon from Rayyes Simaan Augst. 6 1835.'

A letter in the front from James Atlay to George Fearns Reyner, dated 3 May 1854, reads 'The Rev. J.P. Fletcher, The Retreat, Haverstock Hill (a ten-year man of the College) desires to present the accompanying work to our College Library. He calls it an "Arabic Horarium of the Arabo Greek Church", which he got from the Monks at a Convent at Mount Lebanon. It is a tolerable specimen (he says) of oriental calligraphy and binding & bears the stamp of the Convent on the last page.'

The stamp of the Convent is circular with Arabic around the inside and a representation of St John the Baptist in the wilderness in the middle.

19th century College bookplate on fo.1r.