Browne 1430. The Diwan of Nasibi. Persian.

Paper. 350 x 225mm. 80 fos. Collation: 1 flyleaf, 18-108, 1 flyleaf. Has suffered from damp.

Nasta'liq, rubricated, within blue and gold borders. 13 lines to a page. Fos 1v-13v single column, fos 14v-80v double column. Illuminated headpieces on fos 1v and 14v. The text of fos 1v-2r and 14v-15r is written within cloud formations on a gold ground and the margins are decorated with a floral pattern in gold.

Blind tooled dark red goatskin Islamic binding.

The Diwan of Nasibi, a poet of the time of Awrangzib, to whose praises the prose preface is devoted. The poet's proper name appears to be Allah-yar ibn Hajji Muhammad-yar Uzbek of Balkh. The poetry is of a religious character, consisting of Tawhids in imitation of Anwari, Athiru'd-Din Akhsikati, Kamalu'd-Din Isma'il, 'Attar, Abu'l-Faraj-i-Runi, etc.

An accompanying note reads 'Here is the "First towheed". Towheed (lit. ascribing unity to God) here seeming to mean general religious dissertation or meditation. "On the answer (given) by Hakeem Awhad uddeen Anwari." It begins God has (in his hands) the life of the World and is Almighty. Of all things that are derived, except from him there is nothing derived. At his command the carpet for the worship of all operations was spread. He spread the land abroad & over it the expanse of the firmament & c & c.'

Given by the Rev. Delaval Shafto Ingram in 1890. Gift-label.