Browne 1424. The Diwan of Amir Shahi. Persian.

Paper. 235 x 160 mm. 68 fos.

Gold tooled calfskin binding.

The Diwan of Amir Shahi, transcribed in a beautiful Nasta'liq by Muhammad Qasim b. Hajji Husayn b. Hajji Akhi b. Shaykh 'Attar of Qazwin in Sha'ban, 908 / Jan. 1503 or Sha'ban, 980 / Dec. 1572. 9 lines to a page within gold and blue borders. Illuminated headpiece on fo.1v.

Inscription on fo.1r 'Presented to the Library of Saint John's College Cambridge by Nat: Atcheson of London 30th September 1816.'

Bookplate of Nathaniel Atcheson pasted inside front cover over that of Archibald Swinton.

Two different stamps of ownership on fo.1r and fo.67v.