Browne 1414 (formerly K.9). Part of the Siratu 'Antara. Arabic.

Paper. 180 x 130mm. 100 fos. Collation: 2 flyleaves, 1? (4 left), 28, 312, 48, 512, 68, 712, 88, 912, 108, 1112 (wants 9-12), 2 flyleaves.

Coarse, bad Naskhi, with red punctuation.

Islamic binding of brown/red goatskin and marbled paper with flap.

Part of the Siratu 'Antara, defective at both ends.

Inside the front cover is pasted a note as follows. 'This book defective both at the beginning & the end, relates to the warlike adventures of the same Antara son of Sheddad of the sons of Abs - and is largely interspersed with poetry. W.A.M.'

1710 College bookplate inside back cover.

Given by Richard Holdsworth (1590-1649), Fellow 1613-37. See MS U.2: 'Rec. fro[m] Dr Holdesworth being his owne gift Arabick books 11' (f.1v); 'Historia Hantarae filii Sida'dae 'Llabasae 7 vol' (f.46v).