Browne 1413 (formerly K.8). Part of the Siratu 'Antara. Arabic.

Paper. 205 x 150mm. 82 fos. Collation: 18, 210, 38-108, 1 flyleaf.

Clear Naskhi, rubricated. 15 lines to a page.

Islamic binding of brown/red goatskin and yellow paper with flap.

Part of the Siratu 'Antara, ending abruptly, without colophon.

Inside the front cover is pasted a note in a 19th century hand giving the title of this work in Arabic followed by the following English translation and notes. '"The Legend of Antara the son of Sheddad of the family of Abs - his adventures & conflicts with various horsemen of the yet pagan Arabs, before the appearing of the lord of creatures Mohammed on whom be blessing & peace; also of what happened from the time of Abraham & Ishmael on whom be peace, & the traditions of the race of Nizar" (descendant of Ishmael - from whose two sons sprang the several Arabian tribes - of which were Antara & the other authors of the Moallakat, contemporaries of the prophet). The book with this title in p.2 opens with the division of territories between the sons of Nizar - & is a collection of traditional stories of the patriarchal Ante-Mohammedan period of Arabian history.'

1710 College bookplate inside front cover.

Given by Richard Holdsworth (1590-1649), Fellow 1613-37. See MS U.2: 'Rec. fro[m] Dr Holdesworth being his owne gift Arabick books 11' (f.1v); 'Historia Hantarae filii Sida'dae 'Llabasae 7 vol' (f.46v).