Browne 1409 (formerly K.4). Traditions and historical matter about the early Caliphs. Arabic.

Paper. 180 x 135mm. 151 fos. Collation: 3 flyleaves, 112 (wants 1-3), 28, 312, 48, 512, 66, 712, 88, 912, 108, 1112, 128, 1312, 148, 1512, 166 (wants 5 and 6). Has suffered from damp.

Clear Naskhi, vocalised and rubricated. 13 lines to a page. Dated 9 Rabi'i 863 / 14 Jan. 1459.

Islamic binding of black goatskin and green paper with flap.

An unidentified acephalous manuscript containing traditions and historical matter about the early Caliphs etc.

On a loose sheet of paper inside the front cover is written 'Descriptio Ismaelitismi, confictis passim colloquiis cum deo, et Mahumede, Ali, Abubecro, aliisque huius horrendae sectae principibus. Deest initium huius libri, constat tamen, initio hic depingi a Muslimino quodam autore huius libri, Laudes ipsius pseudoprophetae Mahumet et pergit in mysteriis muslimismi impii aperiendis'. Then follows a copy of the first 5 lines of the text with interlinear Latin translation.

On the final page is written 'Scriptum Ao. Hegirae 863.'

Contains some marginal annotations in Arabic, English and Latin.

1710 College bookplate inside back cover.

Given by Richard Holdsworth (1590-1649), Fellow 1613-37. See MS U.2: 'Rec. fro[m] Dr Holdesworth being his owne gift Arabick books 11' (f.1v); 'Descriptio Ismaelitismi sive sectae Mahumetunicae' (f.46v).