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Liturgical offices bound with Psalterium cum hymnis secundum usum et consuetudinum Sarum et Eboracensis (Paris: Franz Birckman, 1516).

Physical description

Paper. 210 x 140mm. 82 fols. Binding: 19th century blind-tooled; gilt spine label reads 'Psalterium 1516'; leaf from 13th century MS (Aristotle, Sophistici elenci etc.), used as pastedown in original binding, preserved among endpapers. Initials in red, rubrics.


    1. Fols. 1-3: 'Kyrieleyson cristeleyson criste audi nos ...'. Litany of saints with Alban next after Stephen and Oswin among Martyrs, Confessors, Neot, Guthlac, Edmund, Virgins, Modewenna, etc.

    1. Fols. 3-4v: Prayers: 'Deus cui proprium est misereri'; 'Omnipotens sempiterne deus qui facis mirabilia'; 'Pretende domine famulis et famulabus tuis'; 'Deus a quo sancta desideria'; 'A domo tua quesumus domine'; 'Ecclesie tue domine preces placatus admitte'; 'Omnipotens sempiterne deus miserere'; 'Deus qui contritorum non despicis'; 'Adesto domine supplicacionibus nostris'; 'Omnipotens sempiterne deus salus eterna'; 'Animabus quesumus domine'; 'Omnipotens sempiterne deus edificator'; 'Deus qui es sanctorum tuorum splendor'.

    1. Fols. 4v-6: Antiphons, beginning with 'Tota pulcra es amica mea' and ending with 'O presepe splendidum'.

    1. Fols. 6-8: Gospel lections.

    1. Fols. 8-13v: 'In commemoracione beate marie magdalene Ad uesperas antiphona. Adest preclara festiuitas marie magdalene'.

    1. Fols. 13v-18: 'In commemoracione beate marie uirginis super Psalmum antiphona. Hec est regina uirginum que genuit regem'.

    1. Fols. 18-18v: 'In commemoracione beati benedicti. Iustus cor suum tradet ad vigilandum'.

    1. Fols. 18v-22v: 'Memoria de sancto Cutberto'.

    1. Fols. 22v-24: 'In domo infirmorum'; 'In dormitorio'; 'In refectorio'; 'In celario'; 'Ante portam templi'.

    1. Fols. 24-28: 'In natiuitate sancte marie uirginis ad uesperas antiphona. Sancta maria succerre miseris iuua pisillanimes refoue flebiles'.

    1. Fol. 28: 'De sancta ositha. O flos uirginum anglorum ositha'.

    1. Fols. 28v-30v: 'De sancto martino ad uesperas antiphona. Dixerunt discipula'.

  1. Fols. 31-40v: 'In assumpcione sancte marie virginis ad uesperas antiphona. Sancta maria sucurre miseris'.

Here follows the printed text Psalterium cum hymnis secundum usum et consuetudinum Sarum et Eboracensis (Paris: Franz Birckman, 1516). This wants fol. 39 of the hymnal. The text contains some annotations in the same hand as fol. 84r-v.

    1. Fols. 41-47: 'In festo Concepcionis beate marie ad primas uesperas antiphona. Gaude mater ecclesia'.

    1. Fols. 47-54v: 'In commemoracione beate Anne. Ad uesperas. Deus in adiutorium'.

    1. Fols. 54v-59v: 'In festo purificacionis beate marie: Antiphona. O admirabile commercium creditor'.

    1. Fols. 59v-67v: 'Incipit Seruicium de Oblacione sancte marie ad uesperas antiphona. O maria pareus Iesu'.

    1. Fols. 67v-74: 'In festo sanctarum reliquiarum Ad uesperas Psalmi feria capitulum. Fulgebunt iusti et tanquam scintille'.

    1. Fols. 74-75: 'In concepcione Sancti Johannis baptiste Ad uesperas capitulum. Audite insule'.

    1. Fols. 75-79: 'In annunciacione sancte marie ad uesperas antiphona. Psalmi feria capitulum. Ecce uirgo concipiet et pariet filium'.

    1. Fols. 79v-81v: 'Inuitatorium. In honore beatissime marie uirginis jubilemus domino'.

  1. Fols. 81v-82: 'In festo undecim milia uirginum in euangelio antiphona. Deus qui beatam uirginem tuam ursulam cum familia sua'.

82v-83v blank. Then follows in a 16th century Secretary hand:

    1. Fol. 84: Begins 'Michael haue in mynde & a glade daye you schalte haue'. Ends 'uryell & toby haue in mynde whan you enteryst into the see & yf you be in perell you schalt scapke'. The other names are Gabrell, Vrell, Raphaell, Raguell, Pantasaron, Abell and Brachyell.

  1. Begins 'Susteyne & absteyne kepe wele yn yowr mynde'. Ends 'so shall ye of all others be the moste happy when ye be agen sayd forbere for a seson'.


c.1516, i.e. contemporary with the printed book. Unidentified watermark on leaf before 13th century MS fragment.


'Thys bowke belonggs unto Dame elizabeth Trotter prophessyd noyne in the abbay of Ikelyngton in the dyocess of Ely' is written in red ink at the top of the leaf of 13th century MS preserved at the end, in the same hand as that of fols. 1-82. At Ickleton was a Benedictine priory of nuns, granted at the dissolution to the bishopric of Ely. The deaths of Robertus and Benedectus Trotter are recorded in the calendar to the printed Psalter in September and October, in the same hand as that of fol. 84r-v.
Given by Thomas Baker (1656-1740). Donation label inside front cover and 'Tho. Baker Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus' on title page to Psalter. Transcription of the Elizabeth Trotter inscription in his hand on flyleaf facing MS leaf.
1710 College bookplate on flyleaf.
Former classmark T.8.4 on flyleaf.