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Vellum, 4.875 x 3.25, ff. 74 + 3, 16 lines to a page.  13th – 14th cent., in a large clear hand.

Bound in a bit of a 16th cent. deed.

Donor, T. Baker.

At the end: Leonardi Aglionbei sum (xvi).

Collation :  112 (wants 1) 212 – 612 7? (3), 3 flyleaves.


Capitula in red (first leaf gone) not corresponding perfectly with

    the rubrics             .               .               .               .               .               .         f.    1

Tractatus de vitiis et virtutibus.

C. 1.  De peccato simpliciter   .               .               .               .               .               1b

Si possemus uidere qualiter per unumquodque peccatum uulneratur

    et fetet anima.

The last is De terrore tube, ending:

       -surget ad iudicandum fines terre.

Expl. iste tractatus.

It is a collection of sayings from various authors, whose names are

    in the margin.

Beginning of a form of excommunication in a later hand:

Ex auctoritate dei patris omnip., etc.