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Vellum, 5 x 3.5, ff. 290 + 6, 21 lines to a page.  13th, 14th cent., well written.

Donor, T. Baker.                                                       ex dono ornatissimi viri Zach. Grey.

Collation :  a6, 114 212 – 2412.


List of Sermons on the flyleaves.

A note partly in French at the end, and a multiplication table with Arabic

    numerals from 1 to 10.

Sermones per annum.

Rex tuus uenit. mt. xix.  Karissimi captiuorum liberator olim.

The last is on Uere dominus est in loco isto gen. 28.

The Sanctoral begins on p. 269.  It includes Thomas of Canterbury, ‘Doctor

    Antonius,’ Translation of St Francis, Anthony, Francis, Edmund (of Canterbury).

After All Saints are some supplementary sermons belonging to the Proper of

    Time.  The last of all are on the Dedication of the Church.

The collection is apparently Franciscan.  English words and phrases are of fairly

    frequent occurence.

Manuscript extra information

J. B. Schneyer, Repertorium der Lateinischen Sermones des Mittelalters Vol. 7 (Münster, Westfalen, 1976), p. 202.