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Paper, 9.5 x 5.75, ff. 1 + 82 + 1, 23 lines to a page.  15th cent., in a small, fairly good hand.

Presented in 1889 by Mrs Churchill Babington, widow of Churchill Babington, B.D., sometime Fellow and Disney Professor of Archælogy (1865-1880).

Vellum flyleaves; two bits of a document in Greek (xv) written on one side only, beginning:


έπεì ó οìκεîος  τη basilει μου παρακομ… κυρ μανουὴλ ό σεργοπουλος (?) ὲfάνη…


Binding: stamped leather over wooden boards (Italian ?).

A catalogue or sale number 2440, and a note (“2 rare and ancient Greek MSS. together £5. 5s.”) is pencilled on the flyleaf.

At the bottom of f. 1 (xv) is:

Iste liber est mon. s. iustine de pad. deputatus usui dicti monasterii largitus per d. palantem de strocis.   (Added: Non debet uendi.)


Collation :  1 flyleaf α8 – ι8 ια2, 1 flyleaf.



Manuelis Moschopuli Erotemata          .               .               .               .               .         f.    1

ὰρχὴ σὺν θεω των ὲρωτημάτων. περὶ προσωδιων

Τί έστι προσωδία.   ποιὰ τάσις έγγραμμάτου fωνης.

The text appears to end on f. 81b with the declension of participles.

-των τετυψομένων.

τέλος των έρωτημάτων.

A title of the xviiith century, on i a, however, says:

Emanuelis Moscopuli Erotemata grammaticae et Prosodiae greca

    saeculi xiv.  Bachirius.  Item Aphtonii Sophistae Progymnas-

    mata grece.

                    W. 4. no. 227.

On the earlier leaves are a good many Latin marginalia in an

    Italian hand (xv): and at each end is the title (xv):

                    ’Ερωτήματα: loco donati.

Ed. Walder, Basel 1540, etc.  Fabr. Bibl. Gr. VI 322.

Manuscript extra information

P. Magdalino, 'An unpublished pronoiagrant of the second half of the fourteenth century', Recueil des Travaux de l'Institut d'Études Byzantines 18 (1978).  Copy in St John's College Library.

This manuscript has been digitized and is available on the Cambridge University Digital Library.