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Vellum, 5.75 x 4.125, ff. 208 + 1, 24 lines to a page.  15th cent., clear hand.

Ex dono Rev. Viri Gul. Lynge, M.A., rectoris de S. Vigor’s in Fulburne in agro Cantabrigiensi, April 23, 1688.

Collation :  1 flyleaf, 18 – 118 128 (+ 1) 138 – 268 (wants 8).


The four Gospels in the Wycliffite version.

Prol.  Matheu {th}at was of iudee         .               .               .               .         f.    1

Text, 2b.

Prol. to Mark, 60.      Text, 60b.

Prol. to Luke, 98.               98b.

Prol. to John, 162.             162.

Ends f. 207a: {th}o bokis {th}at ben to be writun.

ff. 207b, 208 blank.

Forshall and Madden, no. 131, “about 1450: of the later version.”

Manuscript extra information

Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.

Conrad Lindberg, 'Manuscripts and Versions of the Wycliffite Bible', Studia Neophilologica 42:2 (1970), 333-47.

Conrad Lindberg (ed.), King Henry's Bible MS Bodley 277 The Revised Version of the Wyclif Bible. Volume IV: The New Testament. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis Stockholm Studies in English C (Stockholm, 2004).

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