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Paper, 8.25 x 6, ff. 84, 23 lines to a page.  15th cent., in a clear hand.  Somewhat damaged.

In a rough skin wrapper lined with bits of a document in which “Basinge” is mentioned.

Collation :  114 216 – 516 66.


Hic inc. kalendarium medicinarum <de modo ope> | randi et curandi diuersas.

    Infirm<itates infra> | humanum corpus existentes et de modo con……| nas

    predictas prout patet in capitulis s…… | quedam notabilia patent in quodam

    collec…… | de currencia.

The Capitula (in English) follow.  There are 14 main chapters.

The text is in English, beginning:

For ache of the hedde.  Take rewe hayhoye bay leuys.

The text, after reaching the point at which the capitula end (41b), continues

    without break with a number of miscellaneous receipts and charms.

At f. 54.  Numc parum dicamus de proprietatibus ciborum.  Et primo de butiro.

         57b.  Nunc de uirtutibus rose marine iam declaramus.

         59.  Prognostics for the year according to the day of the week on which

                    Christmas falls.

         59b.  Prognostics of thunder.

         60.  Receipts.  Charm of “Sanctus karisius” against rats and mice1.

     68.  Here bygynnyth all the syght of waters lokyng.  Speculum urinarum.

This matter goes almost to the end of the book; it is followed by a few receipts.


1.  See Gonv. and Caius MS. 385: Cat. p. 444.

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Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.
The following marks of provenance appear on f.84v: 'hugo freis clericus est proprietarius huius libri Anno domini 1438'; 'Rychard Taylere his bocke ...'; 'Johannes [?] est proprietarius huius libelli'.


This manuscript has been digitized as part of Cambridge University Library's 'Curious Cures' project, funded by the Wellcome Trust. It is now available on the Cambridge Digital Library and via the viewer below