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Vellum, 7.5 x 5, ff. 8 + 186 + 6, 9 lines of music and 27 lines of plain text to a page: music on four-lined stave.  15th cent. (not early), clearly written.

Book-plate of Sir Samuel Prime.

Modern binding.

Collation :  a8 (modern blank vellum), 18 – 38 (1, 2 mut.) 48 – 228 2310, b6.


The Proper of Time extends to f. 145.

        Proper of Saints 145 – 175b.

        Common of Saints 175b.

        Processione causa ueneracionis. s. ad suscipiendum archiepiscopum, etc.,


        Processione causa necessitatis uel tribulationis 180b.

De S. Maria, 183.

The translation of St Edmund K. M. (non-Sarum) occurs and also St Thomas

    of Hereford.


The ornament is modest in amount, and of decent style; see for example f. 9b.

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Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.