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Vellum, 9.125 x 5.75, ff. 28, about 40 lines to a page.  14th cent., clearly written.

Donor, T. Baker.                                                                               Wagstaff, 3469.

Collation :  116 (2 canc.) 216 (5-7 canc.).



Forma componendi Cartas (no title).

Carta est quoddam scriptum sigillatum de re inmobili cum condicione uel sine condicione.

Consists of  Regulae and Formulae mainly.  Most of the charters are made out in the name or with the initials of Thomas Sampson dominus de Wynton.  The monastic formulae refer to the monastery of O (Oseney?), the episcopal to the Bishop of Worcester.

Ends with Questiones cartarum:

    sic non curatur an uocetur tenementum uel mesuagium.  Expl.

Iste libellus scriptus fuit in Oxonia tempore Ricardi regis IIdi et Anne regine.

    quod Glyn.

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P.R. Robinson, Catalogue of dated and datable manuscripts c.737-1600 in Cambridge libraries (Cambridge, 1988) vol. I, p. 89, no. 310; vol. II pl. 170 (fol. 7).