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Vellum, 16.25 x 10.625, ff. 159, double columns of 51 lines.  Late 12th cent., very finely written.

Ex dono Mag. Hugonis Williams filii Gruffini Williams de Penrhyn Arm. 1651.

From Wigmore Priory, Herefordshire.  On lower margin of f. 1, in charter hand (xiii) :

Liber ecclesie S. Iacobi de Wygemore.  Si quis igitur illum ab eodem monasterio alienauerit uel hunc titulum maliciose deleuerit anathema sit donec resipiscat et ad dignam satisfactionem perueniat.  Amen.


Collation : 18 – 168 (one canc.) 178 – 208 (misbound).



        1.     Isidori Etymologiae.

Preliminary letters.  Ad Braulionem   .               .               .         f.    1

                        Braulionis ad Ysidorum.

Analysis.  Ut ualeas que requiris cito in hoc corpore inuenire.    2

                   Isidorus Braulioni…Omni desiderio.

                   Braulio Isidoro…        O pie domine.

                   Isidorus Braulioni.       Tue sanctitatis epistole            2b

                                                                         En tibi sicut pollicitus.

Capitula of Lib. I.

Inc.  liber primus ethimologiarum S. Ysidori archiep.

    Hyspalensis      .               .               .               .               .               2b

Disciplina a discendo (LXXXII 73).

Fine initial in flat colours and white scroll-work on pink and

    yellow grounds resembling those in no. 209.

Lib. II has an exceedingly fine initial in outline only.  Libb. III-

    VII in colour as Lib. I.  Lib. VIII outline.  Lib. IX in colour.

    At end of Lib IX two full-page tables of affinity.  The first

    has at top a bust of Christ with two swords proceeding (hilt

    foremost) from his mouth : down the sides are more heads.

    Lib. X initial in outline, XI in colour, XII in outline.  Christ

    above half-length in a medallion.  Below, Adam surrounded

    by beasts, birds and fish.  XIII outline with head of Christ.

    XIV outline.  XV colour.  XVI outline (colour begun) : large.

    XVII, XVIII outline.  XIX outline and colour : man fighting

dragon.  XX outline.

Ends 124b : ignis ardore siccetur.  Expl. Lib. ethimolog. b.

    ysidori hispal. archiep.   

A circular map showing the winds and little else           .               .               124b

A large circular labyrinth in red and green.

A circular map, rubbed, showing Ossa, Pelion, Olympus and

     a few other names.

Capitula of the books in another hand (xiii)     .               .               .               125

        2.     Capitula of the Sententiae of Isidore : unfinished          .               .               125b

Isidori Sententiae siue de summo bono libri III               .               .               126

Summum bonum deus est (LXXXIII 537).

Lib. III ends f. 158 : letificandos includit.  Expl. lib. tercius

    B. Ysid.  Hispaniensis Archiep.  This quire is misbound.

    I have marked the true order of the leaves in the volume.

        3.     In another hand (xiii) :

De ortu poncii pilati             .               .               .               .               .               158b

Fuit quidam rex nomine Cyrus

      -diabolice machinaciones ebullire uidentur.

De ortu Jude scarioht          .               .               .               .               .               159

Legitur in quadam historia licet apocripha

      -cum demonibus sociaretur.

Cf. the Legenda Aurea, capp. 45 and 53, ed. Graesse.

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Displayed at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge, in the exhibition Assembling bodies: art, science & imagination, March to September 2009. See the exhibition catalogue pp. 52-54.


  • f.23v - Diagram illustrating the phases of the Moon
  • f.61r - Table of affinity