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    Vellum, 9.625 x 5.75, ff. 158, 32 lines to a page.  12th cent., very well written.

    Donor, T. C. S.                                                                                2 fo. zimate.

    From Durham.  On f. 1 : Sancti Cuthberti de Dunelmo and the marks C. and 2a 7i on f. 2.

    Entered in Catt. Vett. p. 32 in the Catalogue of Le Spendment, of 1391.

    Collation : 112 – 912 1010 1112 1210  1310 14? (8).

    f. 1 is blank except for title.


    Contents :

            Antitodarium vetus.

                Aurea alexandrina faciens ad reuma capitis.

                The last section of the alphabetical portion, Zegzema minor, ends 154b, mellis

                   quod s. dosis eius З .1.

                Text continues on Electuaries.

                Electuarium probatissimum ad doloris stomachi

                Ending 156b : mellis quod sufficiat.

                f. 157 has receipts in a later hand.  To it is attached a slip giving the names

                   and symbols of apothecaries’ measures.

                f. 158 is blank.

Manuscript extra information

Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.
Durham Cathedral manuscripts to the end of the twelfth century ... with an introduction by R.A.B. Mynors (Oxford, 1939) p.73 no.122.
A. Kramer and K. Scheidt, 'Die Handschriften des Antidotarius magnus', Sudhoffs Archiv 83:1 (1999), 109-116.