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Paper, 9.5 x 5.75, ff. cir. 250.  17th cent.  Vellum wrapper.

Given by T. Baker?

Title in Baker’s hand.

The Bible abridged – by the author of the Office of a Justice of the Peace.  Michael


Donum amicissimi viri J. Perkins S. T. B.

The volume is written from both ends.  Besides the Bible abridged it contains preparations for a glossary of Law Terms and notes on British history, and also, at p. 118:


Greivances deliuered in Parliament 1641 by J. P. Esq.

The hand of the legal matter is not that of the Biblical.  One of the two may be Perkins’s.

203 G.36

Presented to Baker by Perkins in 1738, see MS S.27.