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   Vellum, 4.875 x 3.25, ff. 110 + 4, double columns of 30 lines.  13th cent., beautifully written, probably by a Flemish scribe.

   Red skin over boards : faint stamped pattern of trefoils in lozenge-shaped compartments.

   Donor, T. C. S.                                                                     2 fo. tende doctrinam.

   Collation : 2 flyleaves, 116 (wants 3, 4) 216 – 716, 2 flyleaves.

   On f. iib is pasted an early copper engraving the size of the leaf, of the Presentation of the Virgin.  L. Joachim, Anne behind.  C. Arch with steps leading up to it, on which is the Virgin.  At top of steps altar with statue on it.  On each side of door a column surmounted by a statue.


   Contents :

Liber de doctrina cordis, attributed to Grosseteste.

Preparate corda uestra domino

      -eterne possessionis que in eo et per eum habebuntur.

Expl. lib. de doctrina cordis.

Capitula in another hand    .               .               .               .               .         f.    110

On flyleaf notes of payments, the 3rd and last :

Symeon (van) den wyer xxd.

A full-page drawing (rough) of Christ on the cross : some faint

    writing on the cross beam.

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'Liber de doctrina cordis' is probably not by Grosseteste but attributed to Gérard de Liège.  See S. H. Thomson, The Writings of Robert Grosseteste (Cambridge, 1940), p. 249.