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Vellum, 7.75 x 5.125, ff. 127 + 1, 29 and 28 lines to a page.  15th cent., in several hands.

Donor, Thomas Griffith.

Handsome binding of 16th cent.

On flyleaf :

John tankard.

Mem. that {th}e bason and the cowre the wech was had of Jan douer weyith v skore owns and xiiij.

The soom of ys bason and his cowre comyth to after iiis the owns xviili and iis.

Collation : 1 flyleaf, 18 – 168 (wants 8).


  I.    1.     Here bigynne{th} a tretis {th}at is clepid lucidarie how a disciple

    axi{th} questiouns of his maistir and {th}e maistir assoili{th} hem.

Now {th}e disciple sei{th} {th}us                .               .               .               .         f.    1

Gloriouse maistir y praie {th}ee to answere me to my questiouns

    {th}at y desyre to aske, etc.

Ends unfinished, f. 16a : {th}ere so manye loue tokenes ben

    schewid for hym.

Some notes of cent. xvi in English follow : 16b blank.

  II.   2.    Prolog on Apocalips           .               .               .               .               .               .               17

Seynt poul {th}e apostle sei{th} {th}d alle {th}o {th}at wolen mekeli lyue.

Apocalypse with comment : text underlined in red        .               .               .               18

Jhon {y}oure bro{th}ir and parcener in tribulaciouns….

Comment begins : {th}is undoing bi seint John ben bitokend {th}e

    goode prelatis

       -and dwelle wi{th} him wi{th}outen ende.  So  be it.

Here endi{th} {th}e appocalips glosid in e(n)glish.

67b blank.

        3.     Here bigynne{th} {th}e passioun of oure lord Ihesu crist as it is in

    oon book maad of {th}e foure gospels compilid of Clement a

    preest of {th}e chirche of Lantony               .               .               .               .               68

And it was don whanne Jhesu hadde endid alle {th}es wordis

       -seelinge {th}e stoon wi{th} {th}e keperis.  Here endi{th} {th}e passioun

        of oure lord J. C.

        4.     And bigynne{th} how {th}e sacrament of {th}e auter cristis be resceuyd

    wor{th}ili and deuotly    .               .               .               .               .               .               85

Seuene sacramentis of hooli chirche ben seuen remedies

      -and at {th}e laste blis<ful> goyng out of {th}is liif be {y}ouun to

        me.  Amen.

ff. 93b- 96b blank.

        5.     Expositio textus mathei xxiiio capitulo octriplici (!) scribis

    phariseis et ipocritis in peccato     .               .               .               .               .               97

Headed I, II, etc. Ve.

Crist biddi{th} us bewar wi{th} {th}es false profetis, etc. and {th}ese ben

    speciali men of {th}es newe ordris and moost {th}es freris {th}at last

    camen inne

       -and putte us not in straunge perels {th}at we haue no nede

         to treete.

Exposicio textus mathei xxiiii cap.      .               .               .               .               .               105

Egressus Ihesus de templo 24o c.  {th}is gospel telli{th} moche

    wysdom {th}at is hid to many men

       -but {th}e fend may dampne men but not rauyshe {th}er hope

         in crist.

On 127b a note of cent. xvi and some lines (7) of cent. xv:

                god that all hath made & wrought

                man on molde hym to obey

                and vnto worship of out of nough(t)

                set every man in the hye wey

                ryght as {th}e chirche and law do{th}e wey

                for and we do as {th}e chirche do{th}e telle

ys ynow to us for {th}e peyne of hell.

Manuscript extra information

Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.
E. Fridner (ed.), An English fourteenth century Apocalypse version with a prose commentary (Lund, 1961).
A. Hudson, 'Contributions to a Bibliography of Wycliffite Writings', Notes and Queries 218 (1973), 443-53.
Part I (1) is a Middle English translation of the Elucidarium of Honorius of Autun (c. 1100). The version in this MS was printed by F. Schmitt, Die Mittelenglische Version des Elucidarium (Burghausen, 1909).
Part II (3) is Oon of Foure, an English translation of Clement of Llanthony's gospel harmony Unum ex Quatuer (late 12th cent.). For details of other MSS and printed editions see L. Muir, 'Bible Translations and Paraphrases', in J. B. Severs (ed.), A Manual of the Writings in Middle English (Connecticut, 1970) pp. 394-5, 545.
A description of this MS was prepared by C. Thorold, Trinity College, for an MPhil in Medieval Literature, 1998.