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Vellum, 8.875 x 5.75, ff. 152 + 1, 24 lines to a page.  15th cent., well written, in bold black hand.

Donor, T. C. S.    Priced 20s.

Collation : 1 flyleaf, 18 – 198.


Contents :

         1.    Friar Sanal’s vision (of the city of paradise and the city of hell)         f.      1

In a tyme y bi{th}ou{y}te me of {th}e state and rule of {th}is freel &

    variable world.

Last section, f. 45 : Now preie {y}e alle {th}t schulen rede or speke

    of {th}is vision for frere Sanal {th}at in {th}is wise ha{th} writen it…

    {th}t graunte us {th}e fadir {th}e sone and {th}e holy goost.  Amen.  Expl.

         2.    Ihesu (ter) propter nomen tuum ihesus esto michi Ihesus Ueni

    domine Ihesus.  Fulcite me floribus, etc.     .               .               .               45b

I grete in Ihesu Crist alle {th}o {th}t knowen and desiren to knowe

    what verri loue is

      -for to praise {y}ou loue {y}ou and serue {y}ou wi{th}outen eende.


Rubric : Here eendi{th} {th}e’ tretiis of loue and it is so callid because,

    etc. …lyue{th} and regni{th} euerlastingli bi al {th}e world of worldis.


Expl. liber (A)moris.

        3.     Now here bigynne{th} {th}e passioun of oure lord      .               .               67

Alle creaturis {th}at haue undirstonding owte to enforce hem

Ends 112 : So {th}at {th}u wolt bi {th}i grace graunte us and {g}eue us

    {th}e meede and {th}e ioie of heuene where {th}ou regnest eternali.

    Amen.  Deo gr.

        4.     Here bigynne{th} {th}e sermon of tribulatioun             .               .               .               112b

Da nobis domine auxilium de tribulacione.

To {th}e soule lurid ei{th}er maad meke to temptaciouns and tribula-

    ciouns of {th}is world is dressid {th}e doctrine of {th}is word.

Ends 152b : {th}an seie wt al {th}in herte to {th}i god.  Da nobis domine

    auxilium de tribulacione.  Thus endi{th} {th}e sermon of tribula-


                Deo gracias.

Manuscript extra information

This manuscript appears to be in the same hand as C.21.
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