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    Vellum, 7.25 x 5.375, ff. 126, 31 lines to a page.  Late 13th cent., well written.

    Old wrapper of red skin.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    The skin wrapper was over pads composed of fragments of manuscript for the most part badly written, but all of the 13th cent.  There are about 18 leaves and fragments at each end.

    Collation: 112 210 312 410 510 68 710 88 - 108 1110 1212 1310 (wants 9, 10).

    The book evidently comes from Northampton.  This is shown by the contents of the pads, which consist largely of accounts of the late 13th cent.; one is headed "Billing minor" the name of a village near Northampton, and there are mentions of Northampton in another fragment.

    Besides these the pads contain bits of a well-written copy of the Proverbs of Hendyng (xiii) and a page of French relating to the Virgin as well as Sermons, etc.



       Alphabetum morale (not Lathbury's)         .               .               .               .               f. 1


       Aug. de ordine rerum li. 20.

       Adolescentibus studiosis legis dei ita uiuendum est.

       Ends in Certamen, 126a.

       Certaminis semet optinere non posse.

       Verso blank.

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G. Schleich, 'Zu den Sprichworten Hendings [proverbs of Hending, in binding fragments]', Anglia 52 (1928), 350-61.