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    Vellum, 10.375 x 7, ff. 118 + 4, double columns  of 33 lines.  13th cent., very well written.  Old binding, skin over boards.  Title written low down on second cover.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    From the Franciscans of Hereford.

                    Iste liber est de communitate fratrum minorum Herefordie

                                                                E. 8


                                                Wyllyam Pounghuyle

                                            Omelie b. Greg. super Euang.  1539.

    At  end:

                                                 Thomas Apprethavgh.

    Collation: 1 flyleaf, 112 - 1012 (wants 11, 12), 3 flyleaves.



        Gregorii Homiliae super Euangelia.           .               .               .               .   f. 1


        Inter sacra missarum sollempnia

              -certiores fiant.


        Text: Dominus ac redemptor (LXXVI 1077)  .                          .               .    1b

        Ends 118b: in unitate sp. sancti deus per omnia sec. sec.  Amen.

        Expl. xl. omelie b. greg. (pape) super euangelia.

    Some notes and a rough coat of arms on the flyleaves at the end.

157 F.20