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    Paper, 11.375 x 7.875, ff. 82 written, 42 lines to a page.  Early 16th cent., very well written.

    Stamped leather over boards.

    Donor, T. C. S.   Priced 40S.

    Collation: a6 (1 stuck to cover) 18 - 108 114? rest blank.



        Capitula         .               .               .               .               .               .               .        f. iii

        ff. ivb-vib blank

        Proklou  Lukiou Platwnikou  diadocou peri tou tina crh kai posa pro

            ths sunanagnwsews ths politeias platwnos kejalaia diarqrwsai

            tous exhgoumenous authn  .                .               .               .               .               1    

        (T)ous prologous twn platwnikwn dialogwn opou crh.

        Ends f. 82a:  aition an umnoi

            tw  qew carites.

        The rest of the volume is blank.

        On last flyleaf, scribbled:

        Iwannhs  Tasierguros (?) touton ton biblion...

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This manuscript has been digitized and is available on the Cambridge University Digital Library