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    Vellum and paper, 8.75 x 6, ff. 186, 30 lines to page.  15th cent., clear ugly hand.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    From Whittington College London.  At end:

      Do istum librum M. (erased) M. Col. Whyt. et cum admiserit dignetur queso

dicere exequias et missam in crastino pro anima mea.

    Also verses:

      Ede liber quis te. quis te nunc possidet ede.  Est mihi possessor Grafton (over erasure)

de iure Robertus.

    Collation: 112 - 612  (and slip) 712  812 910 102 1112 - 1612 176.  Outer and

 middle sheets of vellum in every quire except 10 which is paper.

     On f. 1:

                                    papam cum eius autoritate abrenuntio1.



        1.  Gregorii Dialogi       .               .               .               .               .               .               f. 1

             Capitula libri primi.

             Text.  Quadam die dum nimiis

                     -hostia ipsi fuerimus.  Amen.

             Expl. dyalogus gregr. pape quem contulit cum petro dia-

               cono suo.

        2.  Miscellaneous notes and verses in another hand: the verses

               excerpted from the glosses on the Four Gospels.            .               .               105

        3.  Gregorii Liber Pastoralis         .               .               .               .               .               109

             Pastoralis cure me pondera (LXXVII 13)

                     -consolatus es me.

             Expl. Pastoralia Greg.

             A few notes on 185b.  Names  of Hebrew months on 186b.


1.  See above on no. 103.