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    Vellum, 9.5 x 6.125, ff. 155 + 6, 29 lines to a page.  15th cent., small hand.

    Given by J. Holt.

    It is from Bury.  On flyleaf:

         Quodlibeta doctoris subtilis de Empcione Will. ffreknham monachi S. Edm.

Reg.  et mart.  The name occurs frequently on these flyleaves.  There is also an erased

inscription in which the words cathedralis dunelmie survive.

    Collation: a6? 18 - 118 1210 - 1710  188 (wants 8).

    On flyleaves:

       In diuinis reperitur triplex genus terminorum.

       3pp. signed W. ffreknham.

       On f. 1 Le Roy. Edmund.

       Lib. W. ffreknham scolaris et de empcione eius.



       Quodlibeta scoti.

       Cuncte res difficiles.

       Ends: semper bene euenit.


    There are various sketches of men, chiefly doctors, in the margins.

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