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    Vellum, 8.25 x 6, ff. 113, 40 lines to a page.  Early 15th cent., fairly well


    In the book is a modern manuscript note:

    An old catalogue gives this: “6. 27.  Richardi Hampole Stimulus Consc. metris

Anglicis cum praefatione Richard Spink qui librum donavit.”  A.6.27  is within the

cover.  The preface and name of donor have disappeared: also first leaf of MS.

    Collation: 18 (wants 1) 28 – 58  66 (or 8 wanting 4, 5) 76 88 - 138 (7 a frag-

ment) 148 156.


      Hampole’s Prick of Conscience,

      beginning imperfectly: God to mannys kynde.

      Ending 113b:

                       wt outen endynge.  Amen (ter).

      Expl. tract. Stimulus conscientie nominatus.

      Here endi{th} {th}e tret(is)

      {th}t prik of conscience clepid ys.

      Floure of maydens alle      Tu gloria virginitatis

      Whan we to {th}e calle     Rege nos sociando beatis.

      He {th}at wrote {th}is tretis

      God graunte hym heuene blis.

      Nomen scriptoris est Ricardus plenus amoris.

      [Amen quod Robertus Lefdys cui constat iste libellus.]

Manuscript extra information

Regarding the modern manuscript note, this must be by Revd Richard Spinke, son of Richard Spinke of Driffield, Yorkshire.  See Venn, Alumni Cantabrigienses (Cambridge, 1927).  Born 7 Dec. 1605, matric. at St John's, Easter 1620.  B.A. 1623-4, M.A. 1627, incorporated Oxford, 1628, died 6 Oct.1634, buried at St Driffield.  His tablet in this church is reproduced in the Gentleman's Magazine 55 (1785), 873.


The initial R is stamped on the front cover and S on the back.


The 'old catalogue' is filed U.6 in St John's College Library.


C. Brown and R. H. Robbins (eds), Index of Middle English Verse (New York, 1940), no. 3428.  This MS. contains the Northern version of the text, verses 1-68 are wanting.