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    Vellum, 8.625 x 6.75, ff. 110 + 4, text 23-26 lines to a page.  13th cent., clear

hand.  Old binding, stamped vellum (13th cent.?): interesting stamps, rather


    Donor, T. C. S.                                                                  2 fo. cutis sperma.

    Collation: a4 18 – 128 (7 canc.) 138 148 (8 canc.).

    The first flyleaf is a waste leaf of the Isagoge Ioannicii.

    On those that follow is a large collection of medical verses and notes: on

iv the versus Egidii (?) de urinis:

                             Quis color et que sit substantia quanta sit et quid

                             Continuantur in urina sit questio prima.


    On f. 1b:

                             Iste liber pertinet domino (or domui) de mersay.



    1.  Isagoge Ioannicii        .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .        f. 1

         Medicina diuiditur in duas partes.

         With marginal gloss.

               -ordine preceptorum.

    2.  Inc. urine ysaac filii Salomonis (tr. by Const. Cassinensis)    .          .      34

         In latinis nullum inuenire potui.

         Liber iste de urinis.

         Urina est colamentum sanguinis

               -dolorem renum significat.

         A leaf in another hand.  Auicenna dicit quod iudicia medi-

           cinarum            .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .        72

    3.  Inc. urine Theophili      .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .       73

         De urinarum differentia negocium

               -conuenienter exposuimus.

    4.  Inc. liber (Philareti ) de pulsibus   .         .         .         .         .         .          81b

         Intentionem habemus in presenti opusculo

               -deleta sit et mortem (?) significat.  Expl. liber.

    5.  Tres sunt omnes doctrine  .         .         .         .         .         .        .         .    84b

         Medicina est scientia sanorum

               -determinabo orationem in eis.  Expl.

         On the last two leaves are notes and receipts, also a couple of

           notes of fees.

         Mem. quod in die b. Steffani acquietaui me in Judaismo

           totaliter usque ad vi. sol. postea cepi viiid. deinde  per

           Johannem xld. postea in die annunc. B. Marie iiii sol.

         Mem. quod computatis omnibus debu‹i›t mihi domina Ysot.

           viii sol. iiiior d. minus.

Manuscript extra information

G. D. Hobson, 'Some early bindings and binders tools', The Library: Transactions of the Bibliographical Society, 1938, pp. 234, 238-9, plates III and IV.

Exhibited as a binding, Bibliothèque Nationale, Le livre Anglais: Trésors des collections Anglaises, Catalogue no. 379 (Paris, 1951). 

In the inscription of fol.1b, N. R. Ker reads 'domino', as 'domi', suggesting that it is a miswriting of 'domui', the MS coming from Mersea Priory.



fol. 12a - malique dissercione


Inc. liber afforismorum


Vita brevis ars vero longa…


fol. 26a - exsiccat corpora.  Expl. affor[ism]


Inc. liber pronosticorum ypocratis


Omnis qui medicine artis…

fol. 34a - ordine preceptorum.