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    Vellum, 5.125 x 3.5, ff. 182 + 2, double columns of 32 lines.  15th cent., beautifully written.  The early leaves mutilated at top.

           Ex dono Edw. Powell huius Coll. gremialis "Inest sua gratia paruis."

    Collation: 2 flyleaves, 18 (wants one) 210 38 - 58 | gap | 68 78 88 - 108 | 118 -

188 (one canc.) 198 208 (wants 3-6) 218 - 238 24? (four).

    On flyleaves (xv late):

       (1) In die (!) nomine Amen quod ego Clemens Ridley condo testamentum meum

primo animum meum doo et lego deo omnip. et b. marie et omnibus sanctis suis corpus

meum sepuliri in semitorio S. Katerine iuxta Turrum london.

       (2) Liber est Clementis Rydley seruien.  (?) Reuerendi in domino d. Roberto Shurton

In die nomine amen parson nostro Tue in me Thomas london.


         1.  Psalter and Cantica in English.  Title of Ps. 1 mutilated    .          .          f. 1

              Blessed is {th}e man {th}at {y}ede (not) in {th}e counsel of wic(ked) men.

              Quicunque vult, f. 69b, has a gloss.

              It is seid comunly {th}t {th}er ben {th}re credis.

              Ending 76a: and teche it to men vndir hem.  Expl.

              76b-79b blank.

         2.  Here bigynnen {th}e prouerbis of Salomon.  The parablis of

                Salamon     .         .         .         .         .         .         .          .          .           80

              Ecclesiastes, 107.  Canticles, 116.  Wisdom, 120b.

              Ecclesiasticus, 138.

              Ending 182b: {y}oure mede in his tyme.  Here endi{th} ecclesiasticus.

              A later hand has added an English version of the lessons in

                the Office of the Dead.

              Lord spare {th}ou me for my daies ben nou{y}t.

              Ending imperfectly (in Lect. II).

              {th}at {th}u  seche my wickidnes and ransak.

              A short prologue is given to Wisdom only.

    Forshall and Madden, no. 129 "about 1450, of the later version."

I should have assigned it to a somewhat earlier date.

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Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.


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