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    Vellum, 6.625 x 4.875, ff. 151, double columns of 30 and 38 lines. 

15th cent., well written by two scribes.

    Ex dono Oliv. Dand, Coll. Soc. 1635.

    Covers lined with bits of a late 15th cent. MS.

    Collation: 14  28 - 148 1510 168 - 198 + 1.



         Here beginne{th} a kalender of pistlis {th}t be rad in {th}e chirch bi al

           {th}e {y}ere biginnynge at aduent     .         .         .         .         .         .          f. 1

         Proper of Time, f. 1.  Of Saints, f. 3.  Common of Saints, 3b.

           Commemorations, 3b.

           4b blank.

         Pauline Epistles with the ordinary prologues            .          .         .         .            5

           Romayns ben in {th}e cuntrey of italye.

         The Ep. to the Laodiceans does not occur.

         Acts, f. 93.  Cath. Epp. 123.  Apocalypse, 135b.  Ending f. 151b.

         Here endi{th} apocalips of Joon: Blessid be {th}e holi trinite.  Amen.

    Forshall and Madden, no. 128 "about 1440, of the later version."

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Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.


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