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    Vellum, 10.125 x 7, ff. 258 + 1, ten lines of music and words to a page.

Early 14th cent., finely written.

    Donor T. C. S.  Priced 40S.

    Old binding, skin (formerly red) over boards, fastenings gone.

    Collation: 1 flyleaf, 112 - 2112 226.


        Antiphonae, etc., per annum cum notis musicis (Proper of Saints).

        In festiuitate S. Andree ad uesperas Resp.

        Homo dei.

        Music on four-line stave.

        A rebus of Castle on tun (Castleton) is rudely drawn in more than

          one place.

        f. 108, in die beatissimi patris nostri Augustini.

        f. 156, de S. Edmundo rege et m.

        Common of Saints f. 170, ending f. 222 with Dedicatio ecclesie.

        Hymni per annum   .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .   f. 223

        In conv. s. Pauli ad primas uesperas ymnus.

        Doctor egregie paule.

        Inuitatoria    .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .        232

        Directions for the year (rubric)           .          .         .         .         .         .       244

        In festo S. Andree ap.  Require omnia in suo loco, etc.

        S. Withburga, f. 246b.  Transl. S. Edmundi, f. 248.

        Transl. S. Augustini, f. 255.  On margin of 255b, in a late hand,       

           Offices in festo S. Iohannis de bridlyngton. in. f. S. Edwardi Conf.

        Ends f. 257a.  On 257b a late Office In festiuitate Reliquiarum.

        On f. 258a, scribbled, "To Westakre."  On verso, xv late:

        ffratres et sorores capituli nostri tam uiuorum quam mortuorum.

           In primis Iha' (Iohanna?) Coke. ricardus blacster. thomas fferbi.

           dominus galfridus blake. thomas gente. ricardus smythe. Eliz.

           anger. alanus tempull.

    The book seems to have belonged to Westacre, an Augustinian priory

in Norfolk.  The prominence given to SS. Augustine and Edmund (and

the occurrence of Withburga) point to an East  Anglian house of the Augustinian

order, and the fortunate accident of the name of  Westacre being found on the

flyleaf seems to me to fix the matter pretty definitely.

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Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.


L. Gjerlow (ed.), Antiphonarium Nidrosiensis Ecclesiae, libri liturgici provinciae Nidrosiensis medii aevi, volume 3 (Oslo, 1979).