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    Vellum, 10.625 x 7.25, ff. 240 + 3, text 17 lines to a page, gloss varies.

12th cent., very finely written.

    Skin over boards, strap and pin gone.  Chain-mark at bottom of front cover.

    Given by Jeremiah Holt.

    'Liber Ayloti holt', on flyleaf at the end of the MS.

    From Bury St Edmunds, in all probability: but all marks are gone.

    Collation: a2 (1 stuck to cover), i8 - xxx8, 1 flyleaf.



        Liber Epistolarum Pauli (headline in red).

        Gloss begins.  Seruus nomen humilitatis.

                                Pro  altercatione scribit Romanis.

                                   Paulus ebraice quietus.

        In the early leaves are a good many additions of the 15th cent.

        The headlines run as follows, in red capitals:

                         ia in ordine ad Romanos.  iia in ordine et ia ad Cor. etc.

        1 Cor. f. 45, fine polychrome and gold initial; 2 Cor. 87b; Gal. 115; Eph. 138;

           Phil. 151b; Col. 161b; 1 Thess. 171b; 2 Thess. 180 (init. in outline); 1 Tim.

           184b; 2 Tim. 196b; Tit. 203b; Phil. 207b; Heb. 210.

        Ending 240a without gloss.

Manuscript extra information



E. Parker, The Scriptorium of Bury St Edmunds in the twelfth century (London, 1966), pp. 313-14, St John's MS. D.17.  Second half of 12th cent.


'Script not familiar among Bury MSS and perhaps the work of a professional'.


Decoration 'somewhat in the "St Albans" manner.  Initials to prologues in 'flat colour' style, but not typically Bury.  The name Aylot Holt at the end of the MS. is mentioned in Buller Index, where he is termed "Buriensis".  Aylot Holt probably an ancestor of Jeremiah Holt who gave the book to St John's in 1634.  The position of the chainstaple also suggests that the book belonged to the Bury library; but the atypical script and decoration suggest that it may not have come from the Bury Scriptorium.