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    Vellum, 12 x 7.75, ff. 182 + 2, text and gloss, text 19 lines, gloss varies.  12th cent., in a very fine hand.

    Skin over boards, clasps gone:  flaps at top and bottom of back.

    From Rochester Priory.  On f. 1 at bottom:

                                                    Alexandri Prioris


                                               Epistole Pauli       

    Also at top:

   Iste liber est de claustro Roffensi quem qui alienauerit alienatum celauerit uel hunc titulum in fraudem deleuerit anathema sit.  Amen [per deum queso added].


    Not clearly identifiable in the Rochester Catalogues.

    Collation: 2 flyleaves, 18-238 (wants 7, 8).

    On the flyleaf notes on Colossians, Dies obseruatis, etc.


         Gloss on the Epistles.

         Primum intelligere nos oportet quibus uel quare    .         .         .         .    f.  1

         Fine initial to Romans, gold and colour, blue ground, handsome

              smaller initials to the other Epistles.

         1 Cor. 35b; 2 Cor. 68; Gal. 90; Eph. 101; Phil. 111b: Col. 119b;

              1 Thess. 126b (initial has half-length of Paul holding book:

              Divine Hand in cloud above, blue ground); 2 Thess. 133;

              1 Tim. 137; 2 Tim. 145b; Tit. 151b; Phil. 155; Heb. 157;

              ending 182b without gloss.

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Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.

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