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    Vellum, 12.125 x 8.125, ff. 207, double columns of 41-42 lines.  15th cent., in several good black hands.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    Collation: 18 (1 a fragment) 28 –128 (wants 4, 5) 138 (8 a fragment) 148-

198 (wants 3-6) 208 - 238 (wants 8) 248 258 (wants 1) 268 (wants 1) 278.


         Wycliffite Homilies in English on the Epistles and Gospels for

           the year.

         A quire is probably gone at the beginning.

         Three quarters of f. 1 have been cut away.

         The first rubric, on f. 2, is: Cum audisset Johannes, etc.  {th}is gospel

           telli{th} a storie of Jon baptyst.

         On f. 3: ffer. 6a ebdomade 3e aduentus.

         Exurgens maria, etc.  {th}is gospel telle{th} {th}at fro  {th}e   tyme (Arnold,

           Select English Works of Wyclif, II 9).

         There are various lacunae which are indicated in the collation,

           and a good many marginal scribbles of the 16th cent.   On f.  145:                         


           Thomas mygers wrat thys wyth.

         The Homilies for the Proprium Sanctorum begin f. 155b.

         Commune Sanctorum      .           .         .         .         .         .         .          f. 178b

         Ending imperfectly in the Homily ‘in natali plurimorum con-


         Sint lumbi uestri precincti.  Luc. 12.  {th}is gospel telle{th} alle men

           hou  {th}ei schulden lyue, etc.


    This is MS. H in Arnold’s Select English Works of Wyclif (I, p. xix).

He considers it to be a copy of Royal MS. 18. B. ix.  At least 55 sermons are wanting in it. 


Manuscript extra information

Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.

A. Hudson, 'Contributions to a Bibliography of Wycliffite writings', Notes and Queries 218 (1973), 443-53.

A. Hudson (ed.), English Wycliffite Sermons, Vol. 1 (Oxford 1983).