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    Vellum, 14.75 x  9.75, ff. 316, double columns of 49 lines (gloss: text in larger hand).  Late 13th cent., well written.                                    2 fo. gone

    Written label in cover:                                                      3 fo. quod nomen.                        

                                         Liber Coll. D. Joh. Cantabrig.

        A. D. 1638.  Mr Petrus Senhouse candidissimus olim Coll. D. Joh. Socius et seruus,

    Testamento et voto dicauit ultimo Haymonem Hunc calamo et manu graphice exaratum.


    Collation: 112 (wants 2) 212 – 412 514 614 712–1712 (wants 6-11) 1812 1910 2012 - 2612 278 (+1). 

    There has been an inscription in red at top of f. 1.

    On the lower margin, in an old hand, is ·xx·



         Epistolae Pauli glosatae (not Haymo, but P. Lombard).

         Prol. Principia rerum requirenda sunt prius (CXCI 1297).

         Handsome initial to the prologue.  Gold on a ground which is pink within, and

             blue outside.

         The beginning of Romans is gone.

         The end of Eph. and beginning of Phil. are also gone after f. 212.

         There are a good many old marginalia both in ink and pencil.

         The blank portions of f. 316 are cut off.

         Heb. ends f. 316a: et alia dei munera. sit cum omnibus uobis.  Amen.