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    Vellum, 10.75 x 7.5, ff. 73, gloss 49 lines to full page, text varies.  12th cent., beautifully written.

    Old binding, white skin over boards: strap and pin fastening gone.

    Donor T. C. S.                                                              2 fo. text: dibus suis.

    Collation: 18 (wants 1) 28 - 98 102 (2 stuck to cover).  gloss: Laudatur de.

    Part of 2 leaves of a MS. of 13th cent. (early) in double columns in a small 

hand are stuck in the first cover.  A section begins:

     Solet etiam queri utrum sacerdotes praui hoc sacramentum conficere queant.



       Job glosatus.

       A good initial to the text in colour on gold ground.

       Gloss begins:

       Alleg. Iob dolens .i. christus qui dolores n(ostros) p(ortauit).

       The initials of many verses have been redone in red in 13th or 15th cent: and

           numbers of chapters added.

       Ends:  Id quod non transit operatur.  Expl. lib. beatissimi Job.

       (The same in late red letters at the end of the text.)