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                                                          (omitted in Dr Cowie's Catalogue)

    Vellum, 15 x 10.125,  ff. 248, double columns of 34 lines. 12th cent., in a fine tall black hand.                                                       

    Donor, T. C. S.                                                                     2 fo. nos dilexit.       

    Collation: 18 - 88 910 108 1110 128 - 148 (wants 6) 158 - 268 (one canc.) 276 288 298 308 318.


       Aurelii Augustini expositionis super psalmos prima pars inc. (P. L. XXXVI).

       Beatus uir, etc.  De d. n. I. C. hoc est homine dominico.

       A curious and rather rude initial, principally in red and green.

       There is an interesting piece of ornament representing a dragon on the margin

           of 48b.

       The initials to the psalms are mostly in red and green.

       Ends on ps. 1., f. 248b, deus de illo exiget suam.

45 B.23