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    Vellum, 12.125 x 9,  ff. 16 + 4, 70 lines to a full page.  15th cent., closely

written.                                                                                               2 fo. gra art.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    Collation: 3 flyleaves, 18, 28, 1 flyleaf.

    Old stamped leather binding over boards.  Circular stamp of a cockatrice and roll-stamp of dogs chasing a unicorn.

    One flyleaf at each end is from an account roll of payments apparently to the Crown, gathered in Ireland: with many names.

    On ib :

    Tabule eclipsium cum omnibus requisitis nouiter facte per me lodowycum Caerlyon in medicinis doctorem et militem cum suis canonibus, etc.



        Hic inc. tabula eclipsis lunaris secundum dyametros Ricardi abbatis

            de S. Albano libro suo primo de composicione albionis...nouiter

            facta et expansa ...per me lodowycum ao chr. 1482o . et huic tabule

           finaliter adhereo ut in principio huius operis premisi    .         .         .        f.  1

        Table follows.

        At bottom: Nota quod post composicionem istarum tabularum quas

            amiseram per exspoliacionem regis Ricardi Ego existens incar-

            ceratus in turre Londoniarum composui alias tabulas eclipsium

            que discordant ab istis in paucis, etc., etc.

        Other tables follow with similar headings.

        On f. 5b Text.  Postquam nouas tabulas eclipsium composuerim

        Table on f. 7a.  Then text ending f. 8b :

        eius quadratum erit notum.

        Expl. opus m. lodowyci Caerlion in eclipsibus lune et solis. excepto

            quod in eclipsi solis accipies semidiametrum solis in vice semi-

            diametri umbre.

        Text.  Pro diuersitate aspectus lune in longitudine, etc     .         .         .            9

               -et hec ad presens sufficiant.  Lewys.

        Tables          .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .           10b

        Text.  Modus operandi pro eclipsi lune per tabulas nouas.         .         .           14b

        Canones eclipsium solis secundum easdem tabulas

               -et sic explebitur opus. expl.

        ff. 15b, 16 blank.

Another copy is in the Royal MS. 12. G. 1.

Manuscript extra information

Negative microfilm in St John's College Library.

P. Kibre, 'Lewis of Caerleon, Doctor of Medecine, Astronomer, and Mathematician (d. 1494 ?)', Isis 43:132 (1952), 100-8.