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    Vellum, 11.625 x 8.5, ff. 173, 28 lines to a page.  11th cent., in two fine hands.

Old binding: white skin over boards.  Clasp gone.

    Given by Jeremiah Holt.

    From Bury St Edmund's Abbey.  On f. 1 | Greg. super ezech. de | refectorio monachorum S. Edmundi.  G. 6.

    See my Essays on the Abbey of Bury, p. 58.

    Collation: A8 - G8 (1 replaced) H8 - X8 Y6 (wants 6).



        Gregorius  super Ezechielem (P. L. LXXVI 785)          .         .         .         .         .       f. 1

        Pars prima Ezechielis prophetae.

        Et factum est in tricesimo anno.

        f. 49 is replaced in a hand of 13th cent.

        In quires L, M, etc., ff. 81 sqq., the hand is very large and tall.

        Liber secundus     .          .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .         .       97

        Ends f. 173a: ad hereditatem perpetuam erudit.  Sit itaque gloria

           omnipotenti d. n. I. C. qui ui. et reg. cum patre in unitate sp. s.

           deus per omnia sec. sec.  Amen.                    

        Expl. lib. II.  Omeliarum B. Greg. (papae erased) urbis romae super

           extremam partem Ezech. prophetae (green and red capitals).

        on f. 173b a note on the three Maries.

        Anna et emeria fuerunt sorores.  De emeria nata est elisabeth, etc.

        Ending: quesierunt dominum cum aromatibus in monumento.

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