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    Vellum, 11 x 7.5,  ff. 157, text 20 lines to a page, gloss varies.  12th cent., very finely written.                                                                                     2 fo. montem.

    Ex dono Jeremiae Holt 1634.  Holt was Rector of Stonham Aspall in Suffolk.  A copy of the printed book-plate, which  is in all his books, is subjoined 1.

    On f. 1a the names Antony Knyvett (several times), Henry, Edmund, and Thomas Knyvett: and of Amy and Nicholas Coote.  Also several texts, as: Secretum meum mihi.  Alligatus es uxori.  Noli querere solucionem, etc.

    Collation: 18 -198  204 (+1).


        Psalterium glosatum.

        Inc. liber hymnorum uel soliloquiorum prophete de Christo .           .               .                f. 2

        A fine initial B with gold and blue ground.

        The first gloss begins: Modus est.  Primo christum opponit

           veteri ade.

        There are interlinear glosses as well.

        A 15th cent. hand has added in the margin notes to shew the

           beginnings of the Nocturnes, and the antiphons, etc.

        f. 49b blank.  Large and fine initial to Ps. li.  Quid gloriaris   .            .               .                50

        f. 97b  blank.                                    to Ps. ci.  Domine exaudi           .               .                 98                                                            

        Dixit dominus (Ps. cix) has a more ornamental beginning than

           the rest.

        The Cantica begin f. 143b.

        Gloss on Creed ends: societate et spei communione teneamur.

        Then follow Gloria in excelsis and Te Deum, not glossed.

        On the lower part of f. 155 was once an inscription in large letters

           beginning Liber: but it has been cut off.

I have no doubt that the book comes from an East Anglian monastery.


    1 Ieremias Holt S. Theologiae Baccalaureus, Ecclesiae de Stonham Aspall  in agro Suffolciensi

Rector, et hujus quondam collegii socius, Artium et Linguarum studium apud suos Joannenses

promovere satagens; postquam aliquot melioris notae codices partim excussos, et linguam sanctam apprime spectantes, partim manu exaratos, e Bibliotheca sua privata huc transmisisset, viginti minarum impendio etiam alios comparari voluit.  Anno 1634.