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    Paper, 13 x 9, ff. 244, 33 lines to a page.  16th cent., in a sloping hand.

Initials and ornaments in red.

    Given by John Collins, M.D., Regius Professor of Physic and formerly Fellow, in 1634.

    Collation:  on p. 485 is the note :

a b g d e z h q i k l m n x o p r s t u f c y w aa.  mecri toutou panta esti pentafulla plhn tou aa trifullon.


       Kefalaia of Libb. I-X  .               .               .               .               p. 1

       OriBasiou iatrikvn sunagwgvn biblion aon      .                   9

       Tas prostacqeisas epitomas para ths shs qeiothtos.

       Lib. II, p. 28; III, 57; IV, 77; V, 92; VI, 126; VII, 158 (154);

         VIII, 200; IX, 245; X, 273; XI, 306; XII, 340; XIII, 371; XIV

         (with kefalaia), 389; XV, 433.

       Many blanks are left in the text of lib. XV showing the mutilations 

         of the archetype.

       Ends p. 485: oion otan emplaston farmakon.

    There are marginalia and notes of various readings, but the sources whence these are taken do not seem to be specified.

    Notice by Daremberg, Notices et extraits des MSS. Medicaux.  Diels, Die Handschriften der antiken Ärzte 1906, I, p. 70.

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This manuscript has been digitized and may be viewed online via the Cambridge Digital Library. 


C. Daremberg and U.C. Bussemaker (eds.), Oeuvres d’Oribase (Paris, 1851-76) (makes use of this MS).
J. Raeder (ed.), Oribasii collectionum medicarum reliquiae (Leipzig and Berlin, 1928-33) (makes use of this MS).