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    Vellum, 11.1 x 7.5, ff.178 + 3, double columns of 47 lines.  13th cent. (1238) clearly written without vowel points.

    Given by Dr. Horne in 1546.

    Collation : 2 flyleaves, 18 - 118 1210 (wants10) | 136 148 | 158 - 178 18?  (three left) | 198 - 238, one flyleaf.

    There are slips on each end from the gloss on the Epistles : and also at the end of this volume part of a leaf of a medical MS. in an Italian hand of the 14th cent.

    On the flyleaf is a list of contents, written perhaps over an older one, in the 16th cent.

      Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac's (=Rashi's) Comment. super libros.

      Josue.  Iudicum.  Samuelis.  3 librum Regum.  Ezechielem.           

      Ier(e)miam.  Isaiam.  In prophetas minores.  Cantica canticorum.   

      librum Ruth.  lamentationes Jermiae.  Ecclesiasten.  Ester.   

      Psalterium.  Proverb.  Salomonis.  Daniel.  Iob.  Paralipomena.


    On f. 1a  in a hand of the 13th cent. is ‘liber ebraicus.'

    The text begins on f. 1b.

    The Latin names of the books commented upon appear throughout as head-lines in pencil of the 13th cent., and also,  in the Comment on the Psalter, the Latin titles of the Psalms.

     On f. 96 is a note : Naaman Aaron f. Mosis says yt  this manuscript is 450 years old.   Jul. 30-95 [probably 1695, judging from the writing].

    The Librarian, Mr J. H. Hart, has kindly furnished me with some notes to the following effect:

      The script is a French hand.

      The date is fixed by a note on f. 98a  (96) which reads : " I completed this book on the day before the new year at the end of the year of the fifth thousand" = 1238.

      On 99a  at the foot is a note acknowledging the sale to R. Nathaniel ben R. Jacob of the Commentary on the Prophets and Hagiographa : the sale is of the owner's free will, without compulsion, and is made absolutely : the buyer is empowered to re-sell the book or dispose of it by gift in any way he pleases.  The signature to this note is cut by the binder: it is probably Samuel b. Isaac.                                                                                                                                     

      The manuscript contains many of the lo'azim  or French glosses which are characteristic of Rashi, but are often omitted in the MSS.

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Pamphlets by the Institute of Hebrew manuscripts, September 1961.

J. Olszowy-Schlanger, Les manuscrits hébreux dans l’Angleterre médiévale: étude historique et paléographique (Paris, 2003) pp. 44-45.