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    Paper,  11.2 x 8, ff. 106 + 4, double columns of 42 lines, two volumes.

15th cent.,  clear ugly hands, in Flemish.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    Original binding, stamped leather over boards.  On the front cover are

five repetitions of a panel (2.8 x 1.8) of St Michael and the dragon.  On the

other cover this is repeated four times.  In the centre is a panel (3 x 2) of

St Francis receiving the stigmata.  By the figure of Christ is a label

francisce | para te | ad cruce |.   Round the panel is Signasti · dne· | seruum·

tuum · francis · | cum · Signis · | redemptionis  · nostre · |.

    The stamp in the intervening spaces is a small cross pattee in a circle.

    Collation:  2 flyleaves, 110 - 910? (wants three) | 1010 1110 (wants 10): two




    I.         Hier beghint die cirurgie van meester ian yperman ende es

                   getrocken wt alle den  auctoris der mesteren.

               Haec est practica et doctrina composita a mag. Iohanne yper-

                   manne quam ipse tractauit in flamingo ad utilitatem filii sui

                   in tempore vite sue sane et uoluit quod ipse haberet aliquid

                   de opere suo et doctrina sua multis magistris sc. de lanfranco

                   et a quatuor magistris de salerno et a galieno et a rolando et

                   a rogero et a brutto et a roso et a mag. hugone de luckes et

                   a mag. albucaso.

               The treatise is in 8 divisions, ending unfinished in the 8th

                   (p. 161).

               Six blank leaves follow.  There are drawings of surgical instru-

                   ments and sometimes of patients, the latter rough and

                   grotesque in the extreme.

               After p. 161 are six blank leaves.

    II.        Hier beghint Jon lanfranc  Ende hy beghint erst an dat

                   hooft      .          .         .         .         .         .         .          .    f. 1

               Ic Jonghe lanfranc.wille v leren hoe men wonden handelen sal.

               Ends p. 34.  alst hii voerleert es.

               Expl. lanfrancus iuuenis.

               Receipts follow, filling five pages.

               An English scribble on the last flyleaf.

               Part of a leaf of an early 13th century legal MS. in the binding.

    A notice of this MS. is in Priebsch, Deutsche Hdss. in England, 1896,

1 p. 38.

Manuscript extra information

    Negative microfilm in St. John’s College Library.

    I.  Used by Dr. E. C. van Leersum in his edition of Yperman’s Cyrurgie (1913).  St John’s College Library, 3.4b.15.

   II.  Used by Rolf Müller, Der 'Jonghe Lanfranc' (Altdeutsche Lanfranc- Übersetzungen, I) (Bonn, 1968).

    Daniel de Moulin, A history of surgery with emphasis on the Netherlands (Dordrecht, 1988).

J. Deschamps, Middelnederlandse handschriften uit Europese en Amerikaanse bibliotheken (Leiden, 1972) pp. 263, 266.


Black or red pen drawings

  • f.2v. Anatomy teacher holding skull and talking to students.
  • f.11r. Naked man sitting on table; surgical instruments.
  • f.13r. Naked man sitting on table, with dog.
  • f.15v. Doctor and patient with fistula in ano.
  • f.20v. Guard with lily-crest and lance.
  • f.27r. Sweatbox and heating system.
  • f.31v. Guard with lance.
  • f.40v. Sweatbox and heating system, with bird.
  • f.48v. Doctor labelled ‘Huyghen van Wilghi’.