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A folio album of fragments of manuscripts chiefly taken out of bindings.

Presented in 1889 by Mrs Churchill Babington.

Some of the vellum fragments are marked by Professor Babington as "from Mr Westwood," others from Mr Lumley.


1.  The first fragment is a complete leaf in 2 cols. of 30 lines, cent. xiii, in a large hand, of Jerome on Amos (?).

2.  Next come two leaves of music: one perhaps from a Tonale, the other from a service-book (xiv).

3, 4.  Four leaves, double columns, Canon Law, Bolognese hand, xiv.

5-9.  Canon and Civil Law, xiii.

10.  Service-book with Psalms and Hymns, Christe sanctorum; Alma Christi quando fides, etc. (xiv, large hand).

11.  Part of deed (German), late xv.

12.  Civil Law, xiii late.

13, 14.  Inconsiderable fragments.

15-17.  Leaves of MS. of Formulae, Italian hand xiv.

18.  Two fragments ix (?) in Carolingian minuscule (from Jerome ?):

quo cartas.  sumptus notarios | (mi)nistrante tam innumerabiles libros |

ere adamantius. noster calcanthe | explicauit in quadam epistola quam |

ndem de athenis scripserat refert. | (nu)nquam se cibos origene presente |

lectione sumpsisse.

19, 20.  German deed, late xv.

21-23.  Inconsiderable fragments,

followed by lithographed facsimiles of papyri, and other MSS. 

29 sqq.  Late fragments.

43.  Liturgical, xii.

44.  Legal, xiv.

45.  Hebrew.

47 sqq.  Liturgical and theological, xii-xiv.

56, 7.  Hieratic papyri.

63, 71 have also MS. fragments.

72.  Two slips of Wycliffite Bible.

73.  Other fragments.

98.  4 leaves of small Flemish Horae, and other fragments.

There are also fragments of old printed books, and facsimiles done for the Rolls Series.

Manuscript extra information

fol. 67: fragment of Cassiodorus, Expositio Psalmorum.
R. N. Bailey, 'Early English Manuscripts of Cassiodorus' Expositio Psalmorum', Classical Philology 78:1 (January 1983).
H. Gneuss, Handlist of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts: a list of manuscripts and manuscript fragments written or owned in England up to 1100 (Tempe, 2001) no. 154.
Conrad Lindberg, A Manual of the Wyclif Bible, including the Psalms. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis Stockholm Studies in English CII (Stockholm, 2007) p. 25 no. 191d (Aa.5.1 no. 72).

The papyrus fragments have since been removed.