Verse and sketch by Joseph Jenoure (fl. 1711)

It is not clear exactly who Joseph Jenoure might be, although several members of a family bearing this name and hailing from Bigods in Essex are to be found attending the University in the 17th and 18th centuries. This English translation of Alessandro Giraffi's An exact history of the late revolutions in Naples, however, bears several of his signatures, together with the date 1711, on the front fly-leaves, another mark of ownership on the bottom edge of the textblock, and this rather lively verse and sketch on the rear fly-leaves. Doodles appear fairly regularly in the books in the Old Library, from simple pen-flourishes, through buxom mermaids, to portraits of people.

The verse reads:

This book my name shall ever have
Till I am dead & in my grave,
The gredy worms my body eat
Then you may reat my name compleat

Joseph Jenoure is my name
England is my nation
Bigwoods is my dwelling place
& Christ is my salvation

Bequest of Thomas Baker.