Binding stamp of Tobias Rustat (1608-1694)

Gold-stamped arms of Tobias Rustat, from an edition of Silvestros Syropoulos' History of the Council of Florence in Greek, with parallel Latin text (1660). Rustat joined the household of the young Duke of Buckingham, and proved a loyal royalist, taking part in a rising in Kent, where he saved the Duke's life, and assisting Prince Charles's flight after his defeat at the battle of Worcester. After the restoration he became a courtier to Charles and under-housekeeper at Hampton Court. Rustat was a benefactor to several Oxbridge Colleges, including St John's, and to the University Library at Cambridge, to which he gave £50 a year for the purchase of books. These were to be bound in the same way, bearing his arms stamped in gilt on the cover.