Binding bearing arms of Robert Rich, Earl of Warwick (1587-1658) (F.8.12)

A copy of Vossius' Commentarius de rebus pace belloque gestis Dom. Fabiani senioris (Leiden, 1628) with a gold-tooled binding bearing the arms of Robert Rich, second Earl of Warwick. Warwick started his career as a founding member of the Bermudas Company and actively pursued his and English interests against the Spanish in the Carribean. He was perhaps a little too active as he caused a diplomatic incident when he captured a ship belonging to the Mughals which nearly led to the disruption of the East India Company's trading privileges. He nevertheless continued to be active in the Caribbean and American colonies, as well as pursuing his interests as a courtier at home. His puritan sympathies led to his siding with the parliamentarian cause, and he became the commander of the English navy. Although his power declined after the execution of the King, Warwick was valued by Cromwell and, indeed, helped to invest him as Lord Protector.

Gift of Henry Paman.