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Rollo Brice-Smith (1886-1964)

Rollo Brice-Smith graduated in classics from St John's in 1908, proceeding MA in 1912. He was an educationalist who became headmaster of Llandaff Cathedral School in 1911, and of Brightlands in Newnham on Severn in 1932.

Brice-Smith's gift to the Library

Among other gifts to the College, Brice-Smith gave a fine collection of around 380 volumes from private presses which were presented to the Library by his sister Margaret on his death. The presses represented include Curwen, Golden Cockerel, Gregynog, Haslewood, Nonesuch, and Shakespeare Head.

Provenance markings

The volumes from Brice-Smith's collection bear a simple book label which reads: In memoriam Rollonis Brice-Smith hunc librum Collegio eius dilectissimo dono dedit soror Margareta Brice-Smith A.S. MCMLXIV.