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Judy Kahan, Hebrew and Arabic

'I originally applied to St John's to study Land Economy, a unique course combining a range of different topics including Economics, Accountancy and Law. After a few weeks I decided it wasn't quite the right fit for me and asked to change course to Middle Eastern Studies. The support I received from the College in this decision and then in my subsequent decision to take some time out before re-starting my degree with Arabic was astounding. Both pastorally and academically the College have supported me from the start of my time at St John's and I have felt comforted in the knowledge that they have my best interests at heart. Whether through extra help with improving my essay writing skills or providing me with excellent accommodation, St John's really do everything they can to ensure your time in College is comfortable, happy and conducive to social and academic success.

'Beyond academic work, the College provides the facilities for you to pursue extra-curricular interests and assures you there is time to do both. St John's is also extremely generous with its resources through grants for books, travel and sports which enabled me to purchase the necessary equipment to found a College Rounders Society.

'The College has a great atmosphere and after the holidays I couldn't wait to go back. It is large enough to find your own group of friends but there is a great communal feeling as most undergraduates live in College for the entire duration of their degrees. It feels like an extended family and is a huge comfort to see the numerous friendly familiar faces from College around town. St John's is centrally located in a city which in itself is reassuringly small and homely and convenient for anything you could need.

'Changing to study Middle Eastern Studies with Hebrew and Arabic was the best choice I could have made. The Faculty is small and lessons are intimate, with just a few of us in supervisions. I have always been made to feel comfortable asking questions in class and if ever I can't grasp something there is always someone to help. The range of papers on offer allows you to focus on what interests you most and, with a third year in the Middle East to look forward to, the degree course doesn't seem so daunting. I have especially enjoyed the Hebrew and Arabic language classes and then being able to practice and improve my knowledge whilst on holidays in Israel.'

 - Judy Kahan, October 2013