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St John's College Library subscribes to a range of journals. Usually the recent issues of these are held in the Periodicals Area on the ground floor of the Library (left past the issue desk). These are bound on a basis appropriate to their frequency, and the bound volumes are, for the most part, shelved on the relevant floor according to subject. Where a run of bound volumes is very long, the earlier ones in the sequence may be moved to the Chapel Court Wing of the Basement.

Can I borrow journals?

In most cases once journals are bound it is possible to borrow each volume as though it were a book. An exception is the Law journals, which are reference only. We are unable to lend the current issues, which are unbound and kept in the Periodicals Area .

Online access?

The University Library provides a large selection of periodical titles on-line via its ejournals portal with differing restrictions on accessibility. Some have unrestricted access for any user in any location, but the majority are restricted by IP address to use in the University of Cambridge or cam domain, although usually they can be accessed externally using a Raven password. Details on how to go about getting passwords can be obtained from the University's Computing Service. Many of the journals to which St John's has subscriptions are available via this route.

Journals arranged by subject area