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Joshua Mustill - Economics

'I commenced my studies at St John’s in 2012. The best part of studying Economics, for me, is the broad range of topics which are compulsory to study in Part I. Whilst this may initially sound daunting, it was a fantastic experience because it enabled me to study aspects such as Economic History and the political side of Economics, which I had not previously considered.

'Now in my second year, I am currently taking a paper on Mathematics for Economists and Statisticians, one of six available options available to Part IIA students, in addition to the three compulsory papers.

'The supervisions at St John's are very flexible and can be adjusted to individual course needs. For example, in Part I Quantitative Methods in Economics, our supervisions were in a classroom style group of all ten students, whereas smaller group (two or three people) supervisions were offered for Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. 

'As a large college, there are a huge number of opportunities available at St John’s for extra-curricular activities, whether they be academic, musical or sports related. In my first year, I attended half a dozen or so free classical music concerts, as well as badminton games and talks by leading professionals and academics.

'Next year, I hope to study the Banking, Money and Finance and Industry optional papers with the intention of pursuing a career in the City.'

 - Joshua Mustill, October 2013